A Positive Change

Welcome to “Paper With a View”  A fresh, new look for a longtime love of mine …..    telling my story through the art of scrap booking.

I believe in the power of positive change. If change moves me forward, helps me focus, and allows me time to embrace more of what I love, it is positive change. Having given careful thought to revamping my blog, I made the hard decision to discontinue “I Didn’t Have Potatoes”. Change is good but it isn’t always easy.

Rewind three months …

Having felt uninspired in my hobby life for many months I knew I needed to switch something up. Not that I hadn’t been playing with paper and ink. Quite the contrary. I made all kinds of cards, banners, holiday decor and gifts. I played in Design Space (a lot!), dabbled in digital again, organized and edited photos, experimented with new tools on the market, and made the biggest-ever mess in the history of craft rooms. Oh, I had lots of fun! Yet, I felt like I accomplished very little. It was time to ask my crafty-self … why?

The answer was found when I decided to do a much needed deep clean in my craftroom. Time to sort supplies, keep the ones I love and purge the rest. My clean-up project came to an abrupt halt when I came across an older album full of random pages and layouts from several years ago. As I paged through the album I realized I hadn’t done a whole lot of original, down to earth memory keeping in quite some time. “Huh, I used to do really good work” I said to myself. Wow. “Used to do” That hit me hard. Somewhere along the way I had wandered away from a rock solid truth: I am a scrapbooker. A tried and true, photo snapping, storytelling, paper loving maniac.

I realized that I wasn’t uninspired as much as I was simply ignoring my fundamental need to practice memory keeping.

The decision to reorganize and refocus was immediate. Pick one. Do what I love. Learn to do it better. Hone my skill. Own my craft.  Go back to my paper-roots. Pick up where I left off. Tell. My. Story.

The challenge was set. I needed a plan of action. I had some thinking to do!

Fast forward to today! ….

So here I am, happy to be sharing one element of my positive change. My new blog “Paper With a View” will focus on storytelling. A view into my everyday, my family, the milestones, the smiles, and even the heartaches. I’ll share bits and pieces of my story through photos and journal entries. Mostly scrapbook pages and layouts using old stand-by techniques, as well trendy-new fun stuff. This is not to say I won’t be making cards, party favors, and gifts. It’s just that I am embracing what I love most and will focus my attention on my mission: To tell my story through the art of scrap booking.

While I bid a fond farewell to “I Didn’t Have Potatoes” I am grateful for my many followers, the comments, the opportunities, the blog hops, and the learning curve. It was an amazing seven years. Now, after 538 posts it’s time to move forward, refocus, and re-embrace what I love the most. Time for positive change.

Welcome to “Paper With a View”


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