Month in Review: January – February 2020

I’m spending some of my winter days in Florida this year and have focused my storytelling more on everyday life, rather than life events. Since everything is new to me here, it’s easy to snap photos most days, choose my favorites, and create a layout at the end of each month.

Here’s what I did for January and February:

When I started putting this layout together, I learned, with great disappointment that the paper crafting supply chain in SW Florida is nearly non-existent. What a bummer. But I used what I had on hand and got the job done … it’s all about the storytelling you know!

This is the sketch I used. I found it on Pinterest and it was listed as having come from Big Picture. I just flipped this sketch to create the right side of the layout.

By the time I did this layout, my new Expressions Air 2 had arrived so I had more creative options available to me … thank goodness!

I used a journaling technique referred to as “telling the story by the numbers”. Using 20 photos left me little room for storytelling. I simply numbered each photo, then used a coordinating list to summarize my February life!

So there you have it … two months of everyday life. Nothing fancy or frivolous. Just getting the story told!

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